Since more families are expressing an interest in cremation, we want to let you know about the four basic options available to you and your family:


  1. Visitation & Service
    Similar to a traditional service, this includes a scheduled time for family and friends to gather and provide comfort for one another. The visitation is typically open to all who wish to attend. The service can be religious, contemporary, or a combination of both.
  2. Private Viewing & Service
    Private viewing and service is similar to the above with the exception that it is open only to family members and close friends at your request. 
  3. Private Viewing
    Private viewing only is for those who do not want a formal service but want to see the person for the last time to say goodbye.
  4. Memorial Service
    A memorial service can be contemporary or religious in nature and is usually held at the funeral home. This enables our staff to arrange and oversee the many details of the service. Many people choose to have the cremated remains present in an urn to provide a focal point for the memorial service. The service can be individualized with music selections, readings, and displays to reflect the person's life, their occupation and their interests.

Caskets / Containers

There are a number of choices available in selecting a casket suitable for cremation. Rental Caskets, Cremation Caskets, or Alternative Containers. They are available in a wide variety of styles and prices. Cremation caskets are simpler in design and are constructed specifically for cremation. Alternative containers are also available, and are typically constructed of cardboard.
Urn Selection
The final decision is the selection of a receptacle, or urn, for the cremated remains. We have a varied selection in cast bronze, hardwood, marble, and sheet bronze.
When selecting an urn it is particularly important to consider what you intend to do with the cremated remains, as one type of urn might be more suitable than another. The urn can be buried in a family plot at the cemetery or kept in the home. Cremated remains may also be scattered or you may wish to consider the establishment of a permanent tribute to the deceased.

Please call us for more information.

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