Prearranging for Peace of Mind
Did you know that preplanning your funeral can make it easier for those you leave behind? That's what families tell us. When everything (casket, service, chapel, music, cost, etc.) has been taken care of in advance, survivors are able concentrate on other things...such as calling relatives, preparing for guests, seeing about food, and giving themselves and family enough time to remember.
Let our staff assist you in preplanning the service you want. There's no selling, just our understanding console and guidance to help you make sensible choices. You can call us, come by the funeral home or we will come to your home at your convenience.
Listed below are a few preferences you will want to make in advance:
  • The funeral home that will be in charge.
  • Place of the funeral ceremony: funeral home, church or graveside.
  • The type of casket: material, color and price.
  • Outside container, if required or desired.
  • Details of the service; music, floral displays, scriptures, etc...
  • Place of interment: local cemetery or out-of-town.
  • Learn about Social Security and Veteran benefits.
  • Final cost and payment schedule determined.
  • Guaranteed and Non guaranteed items can be prepaid. The guaranteed charges are locked in at today's prices and the non guaranteed charges act as a savings account toward future expenses. 
Where your preplan does make a difference.
Texas law requires sellers of prepaid funeral contracts to hold a permit issued by the Texas Department of Banking. For additional information regarding prepaid funeral contracts, go to the website located at:
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