We are prepared to offer a full range of funeral services at reasonable prices. Whether it be  simple but reverent, a graveside service or a full religious ceremony in our spacious chapel or your church, we can accommodate your wishes. For those considering the cremation option, view our cremation services for more information.
Funerals In Other Cities or States
When death occurs away from home, transportation of the deceased requires special handling. Our staff is experienced in those situations. Should a family want us to be in charge of a funeral service in another city, state or country, that can be arranged.  
Below are just a few of many funeral choices:
  1. Traditional service with open-casket viewing, a religious service in our chapel or your church, and burial in the cemetery of your choice.
  2. The same as above with service at graveside only.
  3. Direct burial, casket is taken directly to the cemetery for graveside service, no viewing.
  4. Cremation with open-casket viewing, a religious ceremony in our chapel or your church.
  5. Cremation with a memorial service before or after the cremation.
  6. Direct cremation. Body is not embalmed. No viewing and no service.
Please feel free to call or come by anytime to speak with our directors. There is always someone here to help.

Remember our promise of personal family service.

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