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James Quincy Woodlock
February 14, 1943 - March 14, 2024

James Quincy Woodlock

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I served in the armed forces.
James Quincy Woodlock
February 14, 1943 - March 14, 2024
James Quincy Woodlock, age 81, a long time Lacy-Lakeview barber, passed away peacefully, at 7 a.m. Thursday, March 14, 2024.
James was born on Valentine's Day to Schley Jesse Woodlock and Ouida Mae Parish in Goliad, Goliad Co., TX in the historic Barton-Peck Home while his father was stationed in Victoria with the Army-Air Corp. He was the oldest child and only son of four children. He was the grandson of Robert Quincy Woodlock and Alice Amanda Rhodes, also James Charley Parish and Maggie May Roberts. He was named after his two grandfathers.
James and his family moved several times due to his father's military service. He attended schools at Gatesville Elementary in Gatesville, La Vega Elementary in Bellmead, Becker and Travis in Austin, Texas; Derby High School in Derby, Kansas and when the family moved back to Bellmead, he attended La Vega High School. He also spent time in the US Army, later the Texas National Guard. Upon his return from service, he entered Waco Barber College. While attending barber college he met Shirley Wollard who at the time was a student at Waco Beauty College and La Vega High School. The couple dated for two years and were married on Feb. 23, 1964, at La Vega Church of Christ (now Northside) where they were both members. This past month they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
James was a jack of all trades and enjoyed many hobbies, especially reading and puzzles. At the time of his death, he had one of each, nearly completed. They will accompany him to his grave as will his favorite Christmas coffee cup. One of his requests was to be buried with a wristwatch and an extra battery to make sure he would always know the time. He was a man of few words unless you knew him, and he never failed to bring laughter with his ''dry sense of humor'' and mischievous pranks. One of his favorite victims to prank just happened to be his loving wife who always followed up by calling him ''You Old Buzzard''.
Although he talked to and saw her often, Thursday nights were his time to visit with his mother over the phone. The conversation would often wind up with each of them discussing how many blooms were on each of their hibiscus plants. It always wound up with him telling her that his had more than what hers had. He would holler at Shirley and say, ''Shirley, tell mother that my hibiscus has 10 blooms'' and she would yell back from the other room, ''Mom, he is lying to you; it only has 6'' or some other number.
Other hobbies included woodworking, model planes, trains, cars, and boats as well as wild west shooting sports, motorcycles, gardening, leather working, ham radio,traveling and a deep love for animals, especially dogs. For a time, he and his wife also owned a farm where he enjoyed relaxing, dove hunting, and tending his cattle who came when he called ''Hey Cow''. He also loved cars and owned one of the first Mustangs made by Ford Motor Company. When he and Shirley began dating, he owned a 1951 Ford Mainline which he later sold. In later years he purchased another which he completely rebuilt. This car he still owned at the time of his death.
James enjoyed camping with family and friends, boating and going on day trips. He and Shirley enjoyed going on cruises, but most of all they enjoyed their visits to Ireland and Paris. They had hoped to make several more overseas trips, but James's health began to fail, and he was unable to fly because of his failing lungs.
His favorite holiday was Christmas, and his favorite color was red. The morning after Thanksgiving, his favorite Christmas coffee mug was taken down for him to use. He commuted to work which was done by getting into his truck, backing out of his driveway, driving around the business which was located next to his home and parking his truck in its regular parking spot in front of his barber shop. When his red pick-up was parked there, customers knew that his shop was open.
With the birth of his first grandchild, Lauren Cheyenne Woodlock (now Myers) he received the moniker of ''PawPaw''. It was not uncommon to find her beside him in his recliner combing his hair, taking a nap with him on the trampoline, him holding her while balanced on the corral gate checking out the cows and too many other things for which there is not enough space or time to mention which took place between him and his children and grandchildren. It was with her that the tradition of the first dollar was left in his pocket to find and according to Kassidi, the other grandchildren including her, ''gleefully took upon''. And although no money was ever placed upon the table, he and Kassidi often enjoyed a game of poker and he always let her win.
When Donna married Mark, James got bonus grandkids by the names of Josh and Megan. Josh and his wife Clair later added sons William and Henry.Also, with Megan a great grandson, Jay was later added to the already growing family. Another grandchild, Whitlee was added to the family with the marriage of Randy and Denise. Although he did not see these children as often, he loved them very much and was proud of all the accomplishments they had made in their lives.
Whether they were winning or losing, his favorite football teams were the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Longhorns; however, his son Randy who is a ''die hard'' Aggie fan, favored Texas A&M. If James and Shirley were on one of their ever-familiar day trips and were driving through Austin, he would have Shirley call Randy as they were driving past UT Stadium and tell him, ''Dad wanted me to let you know that we are in God's country''. Football games were also a discussion on his and Randy's early Sunday morning phone conversations. James was also proud of the fact that his grandson, Hesston chose to follow in his grandfather's footsteps as a UT fan and will be graduating with a teaching/coaching degree from the University of Texas Tyler Campus this coming December. James was also proud of the fact that his grandson James Brent was working on his degrees in medicine and granddaughter Hannah had graduated and was now a police officer like her father Mark.
There were many haircuts given in James's life, many were first time haircuts given to members of the family including his son Randy, grandsons, Hesston, and James Brent, and great grandsons, William, and Henry. He was also known to cut his wife's hair and trim granddaughter Kassidi's although he always told Donna that he did not do ''Girly cuts'' when she would ask.
Mondays were both his and Shirley's day off from work prior to her retirement so after running errands and paying bills, they always ate lunch out. If she paid or did something for him, he always would tell her ''Thank you and that he was going to remember her in his will''. Her reply to him was, ''Just don't make it too soon''. Sadly, soon came sooner than expected. James was also a big John Wayne fan. When daughter Donna was growing up it was not uncommon for him and her to discuss which movie they were going to watch and often the answer would be, ''Whip us in a good John Wayne movie'' and Donna would reply with,'' What about ''Big Jake?'' Other favorite stars included Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, and Marilyn Monroe.A life size, standalone poster of Marilyn also joined at least two of John Wayne in James' shop.
James supported his children from the time they entered school through high school and college which also included their many projects including FFA and 4-H. He did the same for his grandchildren, often sponsoring a complete football team, boy scout project and numerous other activities. Other than his wife, his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were the loves of his life. It was not uncommon to find one of the grandchildren or a great grandchild crawling up in his lap and pulling a dollar bill out of his pocket which he had placed there for them out of his tip money.
James was a loving son and father, also a loving husband to his wife. His riches in life were his family and after they were either born or came into the family through marriage, his grandchildren and great grandchildren were what you might call, ''the icing on his cake'' and whom he always referred to as ''Punkin''. On Monday, three days prior to his death, he was privileged to be able to share time with great granddaughter Kirby who spent the day with PawPaw and MeMe because she was still on spring break from school. On days she was with her great grandparents, it was not uncommon to find her and PawPaw working on one of his many puzzles or playing tic-tac-toe. And naturally, he would let her win.
James and Shirley shared a special love for each other. One way was making sure they took time to also be the best of friends. Each workday after James finished the day, she would sweep the shop for him then they would sit and discuss their day, world events and family happenings. He and she loved their kids, grandkids and great grandkids and the love they extended showed with the love which was returned to them. James also held a special love for his sisters and his many nieces, nephews, and cousins who each had special stories they could share about him.
James was very supportive of Shirley and her many projects and traveled many times with her to conventions, inventorying a cemetery, attending a marker dedication for the UDC or on numerous family trips to Tennessee and Missouri. He was also supportive of her many other projects and made sure she had the proper tools to complete her work. He even purchased a long arm quilting machine he knew she wanted. His one and only request was that she turn the quilt tops she had inherited when his maternal grandmother passed away into completedquilts. This she did and each of her grandchildren now own a quilt which was made by these two ladies. Shirley even made a special quilt for James which she called, ''Love is the Key'' because the embroidered designs on it consists of many hearts being opened by a key. And of course, one of the major colors in the quilt just happens to be ''RED''.
James was a Master Mason having served as a past Master of Bellmead Lodge. He was also a member of Bellmead Chapter 980 Order of Eastern Star where he served in the east as Worthy patron 5 times, three times alongside his wife as Worthy Matron. At the time of his death, he held the position of Sentinel. He was a charter member of the Connally Lion's Club. Although it disbanded many years ago, he still supported the Lion's Club eye glass projects. He was also a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Red Cross Gallon Club, having donated over 140 times. His most worthy accomplishment however was to know God and when he was young, he gave his life to Christ and has for many years, been a member of Northside Church of Christ (formerly La Vega).
In 2002 he purchased the barbershop in which he had worked since he was nineteen, completing 62 years in October.
James is survived by his loving wife Shirley WollardWoodlock of 60 plus years; son Randy Woodlock and wife Denise, daughter Donna Norcross and husband Mark; eight grandchildren,Joshua Norcross and wife Clair, Megan Wetlesen and husband Nathan; Cheyenne Myersand husband Kyle; Whitlee Lindsey, Kassidi Woodlock, James ''Brent'' Norcross, Hesston Woodlock and Hannah Norcross. Four great grandchildren, Jay Musick, William Norcross, Kirby Myers and Henry Norcross. One sister, Alice Kirk and husband David and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends.
James was preceded in death by his parents,sisters Jessie Mae Pruett and Rose Lee Strunck and a beloved great granddaughter, Kinzley Jewel Myers.
If we could turn back the clock, we'd find you sooner and love you longer.
Your loving family

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  1. J.R. Price
    My sincere condolences to the entire Woodlock family. I'm so sorry for your loss and I pray that the many good memories of James will carry you through each day forward. James started cutting my hair at a very young age and I continued going to his shop for years after graduating. He was such a good person and always had something good to say when you got in the chair. James was a wealth of knowledge, and I would even stop by for advice about one of my projects on days that I didn't need a haircut. Anyone who had the opportunity to meet James, would leave considering him to be a friend. Rest in peace James, no doubt that God had a wonderful plan for you.
  2. George and Cyndi Snokhous
    We are saddened at the passing of James. He was a great friend over the years, and I (George) had my hair cut by him too many times to even count. James was caring and kind and had a great sense of humor. He gave my (Cyndi) son Phillip his first haircut and left the picture up in his shop for many, many years. And, after Phillip joined the Marine Corps, James always cut his hair for free, when he came to Texas. Our prayer is that God will hold James' family very close in His loving arms of comfort. We will miss him, too.
  3. Ronnie Price
    My condolences to the family. I got my haircut while growing up at this barber shop when it was Fred's barber shop. I continued to get haircuts at James Barber Shop up until I read his retirement sign on the front door one day. James was a very good guy and always happy to help someone. He always had a good story to tell and told them with great passion. We lost a good man but, heaven just gained a barber with wings.

    Rest easy James.

    Ronnie Price
  4. Patrick Bell
    I am so sorry to hear of James' passing. I always enjoyed visiting with him in the 35+ years he was my barber. It always amazed me that he worked in one place for so long. He was a good source of information on our community since he knew so many people. My condolences to Shirley and all his family.
  5. Sheryl Denise Victorian
    To the Woodlock Family,

    Please accept my sincerest condolences for the loss of your loved one. I pray you are comforted and strengthened by years of fond memories with Mr. James. May God bless you ALL.


    Sheryl D. Victorian
  6. Kathryn Garretson McDaniel
    We are so sorry to hear about Mr. James's passed. I enjoyed listening to him and my dad talk while he cut dad's hair. We miss him as dad's barber, but we miss him as a friend more. We are praying for you all
    Charles (Bud) (ad5sk) Garretson jr
    Kathy McDaniel
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