Ignacio "Iggy" Javier Montoya
9/8/1999 - 10/19/2019

Ignacio “Iggy” Javier Montoya, was born September 8, 1999 to Jessica Garcia Landeros and Roberto Montoya Botello. Iggy is survived by his mother and father, his sisters, Sunceray ”CeCe” Torres and Abril Montoya. His brothers, Brandon”B” Ruiz, Cody ”Lil Man” Ruiz, Luis Montoya and Savl Montoya. Great-grandmother, Virginia Kemp Pate; Grandmother, Tammie Pate; his girlfriend, Alicia Vera; his “bros”, Ethan Lopez “E”, Jonathan Torres “Jon Jon”, Tony Rodriquez “Big Juan”, Angel Rodriguez “Lil Juan”, Rogelio Rodriguez “Cucho #2”, Hector Rodriguez, Jonathan Perez “Jona” and Leon Olvera; DBI Crew and many many more.

Iggy was preceded in death by his great-grandfather, William Sammie Pate Sr. “Papa”, his grandmother, Escolastica Botello Abuela, and grandfather, Ignacio Montoya Abuelo.

Iggy went to school at Christian County in Hopkinsville, KY and La Vega ISD in Waco, Texas where he graduated in 2018. While attending school in KY he played football and also did weight lifting for his school. On March 15, 2014 Iggy won State Championship for the 115 lb weight division in KY. He was in the JROTC all 4 years of high school and had planned on serving in the Marines alongside his brother Brandon. He worked for DBI Services Waco as a Highway Maintenance Technician. When Iggy was a child he use to spend his summers in Colorado with his father. They would go see the mountains and also worked side by side doing construction. He loved watching the Dallas Cowboys, walking his dog Sky, jamming to music and chilling with his bros. Iggy was an awesome, well mannered and respectful young man, and if you really knew him, you know he knew no stranger. Iggy would give you his last anything if he could help you. Iggy loved his friends and family very much but his family always came first. He knew many many people but had one true love, Alicia baby. “Iggy loved you unconditionally. Besides his family and his bros you were the light of his life. Yes ya’ll had ups and downs, but one thing that never changed was his love for you.” Iggy was a searcher in life and always looked for the good in every situation. The smile on his face and the sound of his laughter would light up the world. He was also very playful and loved being goofy. On a rare occasion you could catch Iggy dancing. Even though CeCe was his sister she was a “bro”. Those two would carry on and play fight just the same. Iggy and his brother Brandon would always roast each other. He and his brother Cody would always play games together. E and Iggy had a very special bond that only they understood. With Iggy being the oldest and being open minded and spirited there was never a dull moment. He would lift you up if you were down and would never let you quit, that word didn’t exist to him. Iggy and his mother use to have long talks and ride together. He was one of her best friends. He always greeted you no matter who or where you were. My son has never disappointed anyone. Since his passing we have heard nothing but good things about him and we have seen pictures of him we never knew existed. Iggy really is a true King. “Iggy baby my sweet sweet boy we miss you. We will always love you and you will forever be in our hearts. Until we meet again rest easy son and fly high.”

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us during this time of need. I would love to name everyone but there are too many to name because Iggy was a man of many colors and touched the lives of many. A very special thanks to those who did the most: E and his family, Lil Juan, Big Juan and their families, Odessa and Christal Pate and their family, Hunny Dean and her family, CeCe and Jona, Javier, Sammie James and his family, Virginia Kemp and William Sammie Jr., Leslie Russel and the rest of the bros. Without ya’ll this wouldn’t have been possible. 

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